Young Miss Isabella Smith and the very windy day

YOUNG MISS ISABELLA SMITH is an extraordinary girl!


She is clever and kind and creative – but she does not like windy days…


Follow Young Miss Isabella Smith and her trusty sidekick Banjo as they brave a windy day – is it as scary as she thinks?


A perfect addition for schools and families, this beautifully illustrated story captures the essence of feeling overwhelmed and provides a solution for taking some time to calmly think and assess any situation, from windy days to spelling tests, homework or soccer games.

Shine your Light


You're invited to devote some time to what really matters
More Purpose.
More Play.
More Fun, Love
and Freedom. 

Are you busy running around day after day but never feel like you get anything done that satisfies you? 


Are you stuck and feeling a little off track? 


Do you have all these grand plans but no idea how to make them happen beyond a winning lotto ticket or a sudden change in the number of calories in Tim Tams? 


Are you craving some juicy inspiration to get you moving towards your best life? 


Come join me for Shine Your Light.


These potent two-hour long sessions are a way to break through the fog, the noise and mess that has been holding you back. These guided workshops help you embrace the clarity that comes from figuring out what you want and how you want to feel. Then create simple changes to your day-to-day life to achieve your goals. No change of address to an Ashram or life long supply of Kale necessary. 


You'll walk away feeling uplifted and driven - ready to take on the the week ahead and create the life you love. 


So if deep connection, clarity and simple direction sounds like your cup of tea, Shine Your Light is for you...


The details:


+ All writing material and notebooks are provided, all you need to bring is yourself (and an enthusiastic friend)


+ Shine Your Light takes place throughout Perth so please stay in touch to see when and where the next workshop will be


Can't wait to see you there!




P.S. I'm not kidding about bringing a friend - So go on, share the love. 




Please note: The Movement and Me is on a mission to remove the worry from the everyday. The everyday activities, environment and relationships that we have. The Shine Your Light workshops allow us to do just that in a supportive group environment. Although awesome, these workshosp are not designed as a replacement for therapy or treatment for mental health conditions. We have designed the workshops to allow you to cut to the core of who you are, what you want to feel and take action. Come join us at an upcoming workshop and shine your light. 

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