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Mamas Writing experiment: Monthly writing plan

So this months writing experiment was creating a plan for my writing priorities and being realistic about how I was going to achieve them considering I had a number of other commitments. 

I had high expectations that I wanted to finish all of my analysis for my RCT paper and have a complete draft to send to supervisors by the end of November. 

If I’m honest with myself I was not exactly confident that I was going to be able to achieve them. This was after all the same month I had committed to helping with exam marking, we were living out of boxes with no car and I had to get organised for settlement on the new house. 

As it turns out living out of boxes with no car turned into a blessing when it came to my writing. Our glamping set up in our temporary home has meant that we were living simply and it allowed me to focus on my writing. My laptop perched on a small desk next to the fridge, overlooking the play mat was perfect for supervision and late night snacks. 

I think the most helpful part of the planner was using it as a tool to talk to other people about what my focus was and how they could help. I could anticipate roughly how much time I was going to need at certain times of the month and check I had their support for that. Family or friends or supervisors, childcare or analysis or editing help all was laid out from early on. 

The other great part was that I actually achieved so much more than I expected and I was able to take a break without feeling guilty about it. Sure I had other things I could be doing but because I was ahead of my ambitious plan I didn’t turn that could into a guilt ridden should. Mine and Hugh Jackman’s least favourite word by the way. So the occasional long afternoon walk or drive out to the beach or slow morning was just so deliciously rejuvenating. 

I think the ultimate test of an experiment like this is to ask yourself if you would use it again. The value this monthly planner has given me in terms of word count and clearer head space makes it such an easy answer - yes!

I expect I will be using this writing planner for the rest of my PhD and into whatever future PhD writing projects I have (whatever they may be...)

I’ve made the same form I used available for you to use as well - no charge and you get your plan immediately - if you’re wanting to write more and get clarity on just how you will do it then take a few minutes to fill it out. Your future self will thank you for it and your readers will ultimately pick up what you’re putting down sooner


Plan with me and write more this month:



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