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strategic and practical solutions to develop your personal brand

I help occupational therapists build a community and provide a service through personal branding, knowledge translation and research. 

Hi! I’m Cally Kent - an Occupational Therapist researcher and writer who also happens to be your research curator and personal branding coach. 

I created the movement and me for the overworked and overwhelmed Occupational Therapist who recognises the benefits of a social media presence for their practice and career - but doesn’t know where to start, what they can share without breaking any guidelines or how to grow an online community while still doing all their actual OT work (those reports do not write themselves!)

Keep scrolling to read about the different ways we can work together one-on-one or check out the online courses page for some essential professional development training.



Your OT Brand and Research Strategist

One of the things that drew me to OT in the first place was the diversity within our profession and I've certainly made the most of that in my career so far. I've worked for a disability not-for-profit, a rehab provider and in private practice.

With a brilliant and dedicated OT as my partner (seriously, she's amazing) we started a paediatric private practice out of our cars and bedrooms when we were still living at home. So to help us grow and manage the business we sort out additional training and coaching. After leaving the business in her very capable hands to move to another city (somewhat traumatically might I add) I started a business again, this time the networks I had weren't there and I had to change tactic; focusing on providing professional development for teachers and early childhood educators. This allowed me to build a business that was more flexible and opened up other areas for development...

I now had my sites set on more research and went back to university to complete my PhD. I adapted and tested a play intervention for children with autism with a randomised control trial that included data collection over two years. I went on to finish my PhD with a fancy award from the chancellor and have published 5 articles from it (so far...).

I've presented at local, state, national and international conferences (almost in person no thanks to the covid pandemic) and have created countless professional development presentations that by design and delivery make a lasting impression and challenge the audience to make changes. 

(Sorry, not sorry for my humble brag)

I'm lucky to have worn many hats in my career and it's this diversity that has now created a sort of Captain Planet combined power of business owner/researcher/clinician/educator. I know what it takes to build a business on your own, forge out a career that excites you and all the intricacies required to take an idea all the way from initial spark and theory, through testing, analysis and writing it up for publication in competitive and highly respected international journals.

Honestly, if you are interested in developing your career, your business or getting started with research (without going back to uni to do it) - get in touch.

Let's get started


Starting November 2
How to build your personal brand and share your expertise to become the go-to source for your community - without breaking any professional guidelines

This short online course is perfect for therapists who want to connect with their clients, grow their community, elevate their practice and share their expertise without worrying about professional registration restrictions or wasting time not knowing what to post. 

The research storyteller model for practice and course helps you create a clear and consistent personal brand, provides you with resources and templates that help you develop, grow and engage with your community online to create new and sustainable referral pathways and allow you to serve your community as their go-to source for your practice area.

You’ll learn how to 

  • Create content in line with your personal brand for consistent and reliable messaging to your community

  • Curate research that is relevant to your practice and create clinical guidelines that help you get results with your clients

  • Simplify your social media marketing plan and follow a simple system each month to grow and connect with new referral sources

  • Start connecting with your current, past and future clients

(so you stay top of mind and become their go-to-source)


get emails you actually want to open

- the pretty ones that make you an even better Occupational Therapist, Researcher and content creator