Created specifically for Occupational Therapists looking for professional development courses on personal branding and knowledge translation. Get started today by converting your existing content to an online platform or get clear on the fundamentals of personal branding to become the trusted go-to source for your community.


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This free masterclass explores the 3 mistakes most Occupational Therapists make when creating content for social media and the solutions you can implement and take action today to become a trusted source for your community. Enrol here.

A practical and actionable guide to knowledge translation, content creation and personal branding for occupational therapists

Why should OT's think about their personal brand? Well, the short answer is because you've already got one - and it'd be even better if you started to develop it. This course will be presented at the OTA 2020 OT Exchange in September 2020, and I'll be releasing an extended version here in November 2020. More details available here.

A 5-day challenge for Occupational Therapists

Do you have an existing presentation or conference poster you want to get online so you can share it more widely? This short course gives you all the steps needed and a time-saving solution so you can get it recorded and shareable in just 15-minutes a day - for a $7 (AUD) investment. More details available here.