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Celebrate your brilliance

Updated: Apr 6


How've you been? What's been goin' on?

I've just had a week feeling like this...

.... celebrating my PhD graduation and talking about my research with more people in the last week than I have in the last year.

And I have to tell you no one looked bored. Or put out. Or uncomfortable.

In fact more often than not they asked more questions, wanted more details about my research - some even asked if I could send them a link to my very long systematic review paper to read!

This got me thinking - why had I spent years being uncomfortable with sharing about my achievements? my work?

I have a hunch this is a common experience for occupational therapists - we spend years focusing on other people, supporting them to recognise their own agency and expertise in their life that we forget to highlight our own.

All the feedback I have ever had when talking about my work and achievements has been positive and interested (not everyone wants to go read the journal articles but no one to date has cut me off with a withering stare and a patronising "hush dear").

So why do I ignore all of that evidence and experience in favour of the narrative of 'don't brag... no one cares... it's not about you' that runs around in my head and has contributed to way too many unshared projects and unfinished brilliant ideas.

This isn't a rhetorical question - I'd genuinely like to know!

Whilst I'm waiting for your answer I'm gonna try and jumpstart the new narrative I want to be playing on my own personal projector.

The story of 'people are interested... my work is interesting and valuable... I'm interesting'.

My plan is to start sharing about what I've been working on more and I want to invite you to join me - if the above sounds are even a little similar for you it could be a good challenge to help you get out of your own way.

5 things to share on social media to celebrate your brilliance:

  1. A project that took longer than expected but that you persevered with

  2. An unexpected talent of yours

  3. Your degree and some details of what was needed to meet the requirements to graduate

  4. A surprise outcome from a past project

  5. One of your current works in progress

Tell the story - no need to embellish - your work, tenacity and intelligence speak for themselves. But you have to start speaking about it! Tag me in your posts so I can follow along and cheer you on. Chat soon, Cally xx

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