How to build your personal brand and share your expertise to become the go-to source for your community - without breaking any professional guidelines


The Research Storyteller model for practice: online

This in depth online course is perfect for therapists who want to connect with their clients, grow their community, elevate their practice and share their expertise without worrying about professional registration restrictions or wasting time not knowing what to post. 

I've combined principles of personal branding and knowledge translation with our continuing professional development requirements to create the Research Storyteller model.

The Research Storyteller model helps you create a clear and consistent personal brand. I've includedstep-by step how to's, provided you with resources and templates that help you develop, grow and engage with your community online to create new and sustainable referral pathways and allow you to serve your community as their go-to source for your practice area.

You’ll learn how to 

  • Create content in line with your personal brand for consistent and reliable messaging to your community

  • Curate research that is relevant to your practice and create clinical guidelines that help you get results with your clients

  • Simplify your social media marketing plan and follow a simple system each month to grow and connect with new referral sources

  • Start connecting with your current, past and future clients

(so you stay top of mind and become their go-to-source)



  1. Define your personal and professional goals for creating online content, a community and your personal brand

  2. Describe who your ideal reader is, what they value, where to find them and why they are searching for information you can provide

  3. Interpret the Research Storyteller model for professional development and personal brand building 

  4. Identify your own personal brand 

  5. Choose what content to create and share without breaking any professional guidelines

  6. Create consistent content so your ideal reader knows, likes, trusts and understands you 

  7. Refine the Research Storyteller model and system for your personal goals and practice

  8. Improve communication and engagement with your online community so your ideal reader takes action

And they are broken down over 4 separate modules that you can fit into your schedule - when it suits you...